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Unbounce10 Actionable Marketing Blog Posts You Missed in 2015Posted: 31 Dec 2015 11:46 AM PSTMarketing trends are always changing. Some take flight, some evolve and some die.But, with each new marketing trend comes new important insights and tips.If you love self-improvement (like we do), and enjoy keeping on top of trends, it's likely that you've bookmarked hundreds of blog post and articles in the past year. Maybe you've opened up multiple tabs on your computer in hopes that one day you'll get some time to read them — posts that you've maybe completely forgotten about. Let's be honest, you may never read these marketing blog posts. These actionable and information-heavy blog posts will get you get you ready for next year's big projects. Via The Unbounce marketing team has both written and read tons of actionable, thought-provoking marketing blog posts this year. We've selected the crème de la crème — posts that are the exact reme…

Marketing Resolutions for 2016 and Other New Year's News

Marketing Resolutions for 2016 and Other New Year's News Marketing Resolutions for 2016 and Other New Year's NewsPosted: 31 Dec 2015 06:39 AM PSTToday is the last day of the calendar year 2015. I hope it has been a good one for you and yours and I wish you all nothing but the best in 2016. In honor of this auspicious occasion, I give you a special Friday Five: New Year's edition. Note: the first article is by yours truly, hence the reference to a certain NFL team.7 Marketing Resolutions To Make As The Year EndsMost of us are going to be making at least one or two resolutions pretty soon. Mine involve weight loss, of course and my beloved Philadelphia Eagles – it’s a long story. It’s just that time of year. Whether for business or personal improvement, making goals and resolutions is a crucial step towards improving anything.Read the full story on Forbes6 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Apply to Your Marketing LifeMore than 980,000 posts about New Year’s resolutions have b…

7 Psychological Principles to Get More Engagement on Social Media - Quick Sprout

7 Psychological Principles to Get More Engagement on Social Media - Quick Sprout7 Psychological Principles to Get More Engagement on Social MediaPosted: 30 Dec 2015 08:00 AM PST Just about every great marketer I've met had at least a bit of interest in psychology.It's important to be curious about the ways people think because that's the only way you can make whatever you're marketing to someone desirable.You can apply lessons from psychology to every part of your marketing work.But we can't look at it all at once.Instead, I'd like to focus on how understanding psychological principles of human behavior can benefit you in one area: social media marketing.In this post, I'm going to teach you 7 different psychological principles and then show you how you can use them in your social media marketing.Want to get more engagement on social media? Then follow these 7 psychological principles.However, since social media and content marketing are so intertwined, aspec…

KISSmetrics: How to Effectively Use Remarketing (Infographic)

KISSmetrics: How to Effectively Use Remarketing (Infographic)How to Effectively Use Remarketing (Infographic)Posted: 30 Dec 2015 09:53 AM PSTIt seems that each year that passes brings some new forms of advertising that marketers can add as another tool in their arsenal. These past few years have brought native advertising to the mainstream, which comedian John Oliver analyzed this past August: Native advertising has taken hold online. Here’s an example from Buzzfeed:This native advertising happens offline as well. You’ll find it in newspapers, magazines and hear it on the radio (it’s sneaky). The web has also exploded with the growth of exit intent popups. Hover your mouse near the top of the browser to close or switch a tab and out of nowhere comes a near full page ad asking the visitor for something before they leave – typically an email address. Here’s an example, courtesy of recent years we have also seen the growth of retargeting. This purpose of this is to adve…

Top 10 Modern Marketing Posts in 2015 Published Before This Year

Top 10 Modern Marketing Posts in 2015 Published Before This Year Top 10 Modern Marketing Posts in 2015 Published Before This YearPosted: 30 Dec 2015 06:00 AM PSTWe looked at the top modern marketing posts of 2015 earlier this week, and we're now looking at the top posts that were not published this year. In a content marketing environment there are really two kinds of posts: current ones that get traffic from social media and feed subscribers, and older ones that get traffic from search. The following are from the second category. I've included the year these posts were originally published to give you an idea what kind of traction some of these posts have gotten.Since all of this traffic comes from search, we need a way to see if any readers of these posts are interested in the topics we are currently talking about. Calls-to-action give a reader the chance to raise their hand and express interest. One of the challenges with older content is to make sure that the offers are st…