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KISSmetrics: How to Evaluate the ROI of Branded Content

KISSmetrics: How to Evaluate the ROI of Branded ContentHow to Evaluate the ROI of Branded ContentPosted: 26 Jan 2017 12:41 PM PSTIn 2011, Google's Zero Moment of Truth report struck fear into the hearts of marketers and companies alike with its finding that the average consumer reviews 10.4 pieces of content before converting. What made this finding so scary? It underlined the importance of content to modern marketing strategies, and many companies feared they weren't producing nearly enough content to drive conversions.To remain competitive, marketers and small businesses jumped in feet first.Their version of "shoot first; ask questions later" resulted in a lot of content produced on websites that wasn't actually doing much converting.The Benefits of Branded ContentSoon, astute businesses realized that publishing high-quality content instead of high volumes of content was what really counted. These businesses began reaching out to pay to get their content publis…


UnbounceConversions Are for Closers: Using Conversion-Centered Design Principles to Inspire More ClicksPosted: 26 Jan 2017 12:00 AM PSTThe campaign conversion path is often a long and windy trail that consists of your prospect having objections and you effectively countering them.If you've done your job properly, your prospect will eventually end up at a crossroads: one path leads to a conversion and the other to the back button — or worse, your competitor.Of course, we know which path you want them to take… but how can you make sure you've done everything possible to close the deal and make sure they take your desired path?More importantly, how do make sure you earn your coffee? Didn't you know? Image via weknowmemes. Conversion-Centered Design (CCD) is a framework for leveraging principles of persuasive design, copywriting, and psychology throughout the campaign process to nudge your visitors toward a conversion.The CCD principle of Closing is about studying the area aroun…

What’s the Email Deliverability Fix?

What’s the Email Deliverability Fix? What’s the Email Deliverability Fix?Posted: 26 Jan 2017 06:00 AM PSTOne of the most common inquiries that we receive from our customers is some variance of the following: Our email is going to the spam folder at a certain ISP, and we need to have it fixed.This answer to this question can be a frustrating one for those who aren’t initiated in the world of deliverability.The real (and to some unfortunate) answer is that there is almost never a “fix” to deliverability issues. This doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome issues in a very positive way, but it’s the reasoning behind the resolution that is important to understand.Common ConversationsI’d like to walk you through some of the most common conversations we have, and hopefully change your thinking about Deliverability in the process.The first thing we need to look at is the reality of what constitutes a deliverability issue. It’s important to understand that deliverability is not a universal conce…

KISSmetrics: Low Conversion Rates? Your Copy Could Be to Blame

KISSmetrics: Low Conversion Rates? Your Copy Could Be to BlameLow Conversion Rates? Your Copy Could Be to BlamePosted: 25 Jan 2017 10:15 AM PSTWe've heard the advice a thousand times: Your headline is the most important part. It's 80 cents of your dollar.Visuals are key. Visitors want to see high quality photos, infographics, videos, charts, diagrams, memes, and more.The user experience – or UX – trumps all else. It'll be the key differentiator in the coming years, so make sure your user interface delivers an experience worth celebrating. Rarely, though, do we hear about the copy itself. You know…the bulk of what's on your page. The general wisdom reminds us to craft a kickass headline, include stunning visuals, and make it all about our visitors and customers. Sound suggestions, all. But what about the words? When your conversion rates are lower than you'd like to see them, the culprit just might be some sub-standard copy.What's a Low Conversion Rate, Anyway?T…

The Undeniable Benefit of a Consistent Cross Channel Marketing Message

The Undeniable Benefit of a Consistent Cross Channel Marketing Message The Undeniable Benefit of a Consistent Cross Channel Marketing MessagePosted: 25 Jan 2017 06:46 AM PSTWhile you may see trend articles about the value of reaching out to customers and prospects on the mobile channel, the reality is that your audience wants to hear from you there. However, they also want you to talk to them on other channels, including digital and traditional channels. With the desire to hear what you have to offer across channels, the best way to maximize the value of sharing marketing messages this way is to ensure consistency in what you are saying, combining a digital marketing strategy with additional tactics designated for traditional channels.Say it the Same Way EverywhereNot only does it make sense to take this approach, but there is also research that substantiates the benefit of consistent cross channel marketing messaging. An IAB study found that consumers that view a consistent message a…

How SEO Has Changed with the Possum Update - Quick Sprout

How SEO Has Changed with the Possum Update - Quick SproutHow SEO Has Changed with the Possum UpdatePosted: 25 Jan 2017 08:00 AM PST Google is totally unpredictable.SEO practitioners know full well that things can change in an instant, and search engine dominance today means nothing tomorrow.Or as Babe Ruth put it,Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games.One of the more significant updates Google made in 2016 was Possum.In fact, it's arguably the biggest change Google has made to local SEO since the Pigeon update back in 2014.As you might imagine, it's shaken things up quite a bit and has switched up the SEO landscape considerably.I'd like to dive into this topic and explain how it may have impacted your local rankings as well as what you need to know moving forward.Why is it called Possum?The first thing you're probably wondering about is why exactly the SEO community called it Possum. Google usually names their updates after animals, but a possum isn&#…